DC Starfire Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya Review

DC Starfire Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya: (4.5/5)

DC Starfire Bishoujo Statue

DC Comics Starfire Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya is a great deal for the price. We purchased ours on Amazon from Toystop for $62. With free Prime shipping that’s a really nice price for such an attractive statue.

DC Starfire Bishoujo Statue close up of hands

I love the pose, it works really well for this character and shows her beautiful shape. She looks lively and ready to leap back into the air. Obviously this statue is meant to be sexy and revealing, but they made her busty and curvy without making her look comical. Her hair flows around her dramatically, giving the illusion that she might be standing on a windy mountain top. And thankfully, they gave her enough hair, which is so important for the Starfire character. All that hair could have ended up looking bulky or weighed down, but thanks to the expert sculpting it looks light and airy.

I really like the slightly metallic coloring to the costume. Without that she may have looked flat, but too much could have really made the entire statue look cheap. The detail with the wrinkles in the fabric of the boots is well done and gives her a realistic quality. The rock used as the base works well, keeps her stable and brings a little bit of environment into the piece without detracting from the character. Other than a couple of very feint lines, probably from the seams in the molding process, I couldn’t find any flaws. One quick note: she comes with a little plastic piece on her right foot, she actually stands much better without it.

DC Starfire Bishoujo Statue box

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The packaging was great, the pictures on the box were true to the figure inside and it is obvious that Kotobukiya cares about protecting the item in transit. The box has clear windows through which you can clearly see the statue, it’s obvious before you open it that this will be a beautiful piece.

Starfire is impressively detailed, the lines are clean and crisp with no noticeable running of colors. I particularly like her hands, the way they’re rendered hints at claws but still manages to look sexy instead of weird. The different shades in her hair look really good and reminds you of fire, especially when lit in a nice statue case. Her skin color is smooth and even and her face looks beautiful. They did an excellent job in the coloring. Starfire isn’t covered in makeup like some other characters and it might have been easy to make her appear bland or boring because of the lack of makeup, but instead she has just enough coloring to make her look fresh. Her eyes are great and she has a wonderful mischievous look and a slight smile.

In my opinion this statue is excellent! She’s beautiful and a lot of fun.

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Starfire Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya
protective and accurately depicts the statue
Pose & Proportion
pose is natural and she’s very well proportioned
Detail & Paint
no noticeable painting mistakes at all
Environment & Base
base works well and looks good, could have used a tiny bit more environment
Costume & Character
character is easily recognizable and the costume looks great



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Starfire Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya
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