Exclusive Lady Death Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles Review

Exclusive Lady Death Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Shows the Exclusive Lady Death Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles  in case

Lady Death in her full 21″+ glory.

The Exclusive Lady Death Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles is a beautiful and impressive statue.  When she was available from Sideshow Collectibles she was about $350 plus shipping.  We purchased ours on EBay for $450.  It sounds like a lot for a statue, but between the beautiful details and the size of this figure it’s worth the price. There were only 750 of the exclusive version made so she’s sure to be a rare and treasured addition to any collection.

Shows top of Lady Death statue, beautiful white body and hair with a black bikini studded with gold skulls. She holds an hourglass made of bone in one hand and a scythe in the other..

Closer look at Lady Death figure holding her working hourglass.

The pose that was chosen for this statue is absolutely beautiful.  Lady Death looks sexy, confident and imposing as she stands upon a field of staked skulls.  In her left hand she holds a battle worn scythe and in her right she holds her famous sword, Apocalypse.   The exclusive version of this figure also comes with an interchangeable right arm that holds a working hourglass.  Her long white hair is incredibly detailed, flowing down her back and appears to be moving in the breeze.

Lady Death is featured in her classic black bikini costume and a cloth red and black cloak.  The fabric cloak is a wonderful addition, and has wire sewn inside so it will hold whatever shape you give it.  Her thigh high boots are decorated with gold colored buttons and her bikini is covered with small golden skulls.  The cloak clasp at her throat is a gold skull pin that holds the cloak onto the figure.  The costume is highly detailed with only a couple of very minor paint flaws.  The base of this statue is wonderful, with five spiked skulls, intricately detailed and provides a grim setting for this piece.

Shows the box for the Lady Death figure, illustrating the statue on the large side with a close-up of the skull from the base on the short side.

Sideshow Premium Figure Box for Lady Death. Very clean and attractive.

The packaging was very well done.  Each piece was carefully wrapped in plastic and packed into a fitted Styrofoam recess.  The art on the box is beautiful, without the clutter that is often seen on statue boxes.  Instead the glossy box shows 2 pictures of the statue from different angles and a close up of the base.  It just shows “sideshowcollectibles.com on” one side.  The bottom of the box shows the number of the figure (ours is 616 of 750.)  It’s then shipped in a cardboard box that protects the whole thing from damage.

Close up of Lady Death showing details in the face and real cloth of her cloak.

Close up of Lady Death showing details in the face and real cloth of her cloak.

The character of Lady Death is beautifully detailed in this statue.  Her white skin shows highlights of blue to illustrate her muscle tone.  Her face is absolutely gorgeous with perfect blood red lips and sinister arched eyebrows.  Every curve is sculpted perfectly and adds to her overall beauty.  Her weapons are equally detailed, showing scratches and battle damage.  Her sword, Apocalypse, is beautifully designed with the chaos comic’s logo and the scythe is given the appearance of having a leather wrapped handle.  The exclusive hourglass has real sand that will flow when turned over.

Shows two of the skulls impaled by spikes on the base of the statue.

Close-up of the skull on the base of the statue.

Shows the base of Lady Death's  sword with a Gold skull surrounded by six gold and black arrows pointing in all directions.

Detailed image of the Apocalypse sword, forged from pure chaos.

Shows close up of Lady Death's hand holding the bone hourglass and the flowing sand.

Close-up view of the working hourglass included with the Exclusive version.

While there is some assembly required it’s worth the effort when you see the finished product.  Assembly is simple and step by step instructions come with the figure.  All of the spikes in the base are color coded so that no mistakes are made in placing them.  Both arms are magnetically attached to the body. While the magnet of our left arm felt a little weak to me, it stays in place well enough.  It sometimes drifted a little out of place, but it was hardly noticeable and didn’t seem to be causing any issues.  Her hair is a separate piece and there is a slight visible gap between her hair line and head on her right side; barely noticeable unless looking very closely from a certain angle.  If you’re considering this statue for your collection consider where you’ll put it:  This is a very large statue. It measures 21.5” from the bottom of the base to the top of Lady Deaths head and 25.5” including the Scythe.

I would definitely recommend this statue for any Lady Death fan.  The beautiful details and sheer size make it an amazing addition to any collection.


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Exclusive Lady Death Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles
beautiful and protective
Pose & Proportion
naturally posed and well proportioned
Detail & Paint
beautiful detailing with very minor flaws
Environment & Base
detailed base providing excellent environment
Costume & Character
beautiful classic costume, true to the character


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Exclusive Lady Death Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles
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