Mikasa Ackerman PVC Figure by QuesQ Review

Mikasa Ackerman PVC Figure by QuesQ: (4/5)

Figure of Mikasa Ackerman leaping into battle with her flesh carving blades

Beautiful QuesQ Attach on Titan Mikasa Ackerman PVC Figure

The QuesQ Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman PVC figure is a very attractive statue, with only a couple of visible flaws to detract from the overall appearance. We purchased this piece from our local comic book store, at $160. Expensive for its size, but we’ve come to expect a hefty price tag when dealing with figures imported from Japan.

The pose of this statue is very nice, although I would have chosen to drop her left arm slightly so that her face is visible from any angle. She’s clearly leaping into battle with a Titan, ready to defend humanity from the monsters at the wall. This figure stays true to the likeness of Mikasa as seen in the Anime “Attack on Titan”. She retains the calm, focused look that Mikasa often displays as she races towards the fight.

Shows details of 3D maneuvering device on the Mikasa Ackerman figure.

Close up of Mikasa’s 3D maneuvering device.

The uniform and gear is quite impressive. No detail was overlooked. From the scarf that she always wears to the intricate detail of the 3D maneuvering gear. You can clearly see every line and crevice in her gear. I enjoyed the added touch of the 2 cords from the 3D maneuvering device that can be inserted into the ends of the flesh paring blade handles. As an added bonus this statue comes with interchangeable hands. You can choose to display her armed with her twin flesh paring blades or with empty hands.

Depicts one side of the packaging for the Mikasa Ackerman PVC figure.

Packaging for Mikasa Ackerman PVC figure from Quesq — Click to buy from Amazon

The packaging is well thought out. You can clearly see the statue through the clear windows of the box and it is very well protected from shipping damage.

The base is unfortunately bland and detracts from the overall appeal of the statue. The artist placed her on pale blue spinning jets, I believe that this represents air currents that Mikasa is creating as she uses her 3D maneuvering equipment to speed toward a Titan. While I feel that the attempt to create the illusion of flight was well intentioned, it falls short, especially when paired with the plain black circular base that the entire statue stands on. If it was the final decision to use the light blue jets of air as a base, it would have been much more attractive to create a larger and more stable structure from these jets instead of dropping a few of them on top of a black circle.

Close up image of the face of Mikasa Ackerman PVC figure from Quesq

Beautiful face of Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa is very detailed. The lines are clean and crisp with no running of colors. The interchangeable hands are a nice touch, giving the collector a choice of display options. The metal gear is rendered nicely, making it appear to be actual metal. Her hair is well done, with a single lock falling in front of her face. Unfortunately there is a very visible crease on the statues head, most likely from the mold she was cast in. This could have been buffed out and blended with the rest the hair more carefully than it was.

Overall I like this piece. There are a few flaws but the overall appearance is beautiful. While I wouldn’t go out and spend the money for the entire line of characters, I’m happy to have Mikasa, my favorite Attack on Titan character, in my display case.

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Mikasa Ackerman PVC Figure by QuesQ
protective and clearly depicts the statue
Pose & Proportion
pose is lifelike but could use some minor adjustments to better display the face
Detail & Paint
except visible crease this statue is artfully detailed
Environment & Base
bland and somewhat awkward base
Costume & Character
character is easily recognizable and the costume looks great



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Mikasa Ackerman PVC Figure by QuesQ
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