Poison Ivy “Green with Envy” from Sideshow Review

Poison Ivy “Green with Envy” Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow.PoisonIvy.FullFrontalThe Sideshow collectibles Poison Ivy “Green with Envy” Premium format figure is a beautiful statue that captures the feeling of the stunning artwork after which it was modeled.  This statue is still available from Sideshow collectibles for $349 plus shipping and is well worth that price.  She’s a seductive, playful and excellent addition to any collection.   The Green with Envy edition of this statue is not the exclusive version, the exclusive is flesh toned rather than green and includes special “man eating” plants that can be interchanged for the plants that came with this regular edition.  While the extra flowers of the exclusive edition look amazing, the green skin of the regular version is, in my opinion, far more alluring than the exclusive.  For once, I’m glad I missed out on the exclusive because my green Poison Ivy looks awesome!

Sideshow.PoisonIvy.TopPoison Ivy truly comes alive in this beautiful statue.  At approximately 21” tall she makes an impressive statement.  As I’ve mentioned before, her green skin looks amazing and is perfectly shaded by the expert painters at Sideshow.  Her figure is beautiful, lots of sexy curves on this piece.  Her seductive pose is perfect and her eyes and lips are amazingly life like.  Her flowing red hair looks great and is decorated with green leaves.

Sideshow.PoisonIvy.FrontI love the costume on this statue, it’s one of my favorite parts.  Her body suit of green leaves is beautiful and is complimented by matching leaf gloves.  I particularly love her green leaf knee high boots, complete with high heels made of brown twigs.  Her legs are covered in brown vines that twine up her thighs onto her body suit.  The costume is simple, but perfectly fitted to the character.

Sideshow.PoisonIvy.BackThe base of this piece is a wonderful patch of earth covered in grass and vines.  Growing from the earth at her feet are some truly frightening looking flowers that seem to be winding around her offering their protection.  Besides actually placing the statue itself onto the base, these flowers are the only pieces that are separate from the main piece and need to be attached by the collector, making it one of the simpler Sideshow premium format figures to put together.

Sideshow.PoisonIvy.CloseUpSideshow.PoisonIvy.CloseTopAlthough the painting isn’t perfect, it is very well done.  Her face is painted amazingly well, as is most of the rest of the piece.  Slightly less attention to detail is evident in the less visible places such as the leaves in the back of her hair and her hands, which are partially hidden in her hair.  These parts on the back of the statue tend to have the occasional painting flaw, red from her hair running over the edges onto leaves and the green of leaves occasionally marring her hair.  These flaws are small and generally don’t detract from the beauty of the statue, but are worth noting.

This statue is beautiful and has quickly become one of my favorite pieces.  While it’s not perfect, the passion that the artist conveys in the matching print is brought to life in this fabulous statue.


Poison Ivy “Green with Envy” Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles
beautiful and protective
Pose & Proportion
beautifully displays the statues figure
Detail & Paint
few paining flaws, mostly in the back
Environment & Base
beautiful and perfectly fits the subject
Costume & Character
perfect representation of this classic Batman villain

Paula Smith
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Poison Ivy “Green with Envy” Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles
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