Rage of Bahamut Dark Angel Olivia Statue by Kotobukiya Review

Rage of Bahamut Dark Angel Olivia Statue by Kotobukiya: (4.5/5)

RoB Dark Angel Olivia Statue by Kotobukiya showing purple and orange wings black and white outfit and black base with purple crystals.

Rage of Bahamut Dark Angel Olivia Statue by Kotobukiya.

The Rage of Bahamut Dark Angel Olivia statue 1/8th scale in PVC by Kotobukiya is a beautiful and majestic statue.  While it’s a little involved to assemble, the extra effort is worth it in the end.  We purchased ours on Ebay for $208 after shipping from Japan, quite expensive for a PVC statue, but this is a substantial and detailed figure.  We also purchased a knock-off version for $45 after shipping from China….obviously a huge price break, but is it worth it?  More on that in our next post where we’ll cover the differences between the two and how to decide which is right for you.

Top of Dark Angel Olivia Statue showing her black and white outfit, two swords, prayer beads and many other gold details painted on the statue.

Top of Dark Angel Olivia Statue showing many of her details.

The first thing you’ll notice is her pose, which is dramatic and artful.  She appears to be landing in an alien terrain full of crystals.  Her wings are impressively spread behind her and both hands carry a pair of wicked looking swords which she carelessly holds behind her body.  Olivia seems calm, confident and completely in control as she surveys her surroundings.

Close up of Dark Angel Olivia Statue showing the detailed painting in her horns and red eyes

Close up of Dark Angel Olivia Statue

Unfortunately this particular statue is a little challenging to assemble, although you can figure it out with a little intuition and the included instructions (which are in Japanese).  We made several discoveries and attempts to “customize” her when we put her together.  So to save you time let me assure you that you can’t pose her swords any way other than shown on the box. Definitely hold her by the hips when putting her together to protect her ankle from damage. Both her head and chest need to be removed for proper assembly.  Please watch our video unboxing and review, where you’ll find lots of helpful tips to assembling Olivia.

Shows box for Rage of Bahamut Dark Angel Olivia Statue by Kotobukiya

Official box for Dark Angel Olivia Statue from Kotobukiya

The packaging was quite elaborate with plenty of protective wrap on each piece of the statue.  The artwork on the box accurately depicts the statue inside and you can see the actual figure easily through the clear parts of the package.  Although she comes partially assembled, she is packaged in such a way that she appears mostly assembled, to give you a better idea of what the figure will look like when displayed.

Close up of Dark Angel Olivia Statue's black and white outfit showing small gold breastplate, details of the blouse, red belt, prayer beads and left-hand sword.

Close up of Dark Angel Olivia Statue’s black and white outfit.

I was particularly impressed with her costume, wings and weapon design.  The coloring of her wings are well shaded, giving them a gradual fade of colors rather than stark lines between each hue.  Her costume is sexy and sophisticated with tiny eyelet holes in her shirt and thigh high boots that look much better than if they were just painted on.  The coloring of the metal pieces of her costume is well done, resembling an antique gold.  She has several intricate knot works on her horns, arms and costume that are very well painted.

Shows close up of Olivia's red belt, prayer beads and top of her boots.

Close up of Olivia’s red belt, prayer beads and top of her boots.

Her belt of beads looks good, although it would have been nice to find a better solution for this.  It looks a little like a plastic necklace for an action figure rather than part of a collectible statue, but the painting makes it at least acceptable and interesting when combined with the entire piece.  She also wears a red belt, which has very clean and crisp lines and is covered with various metal buckles and clips that are all painted very clearly and precisely.

Shows Dark Angel Olivia Statue's hair and horns and their finely painted details.

RoB Dark Angel Olivia Statue’s hair and horns

Our statue had one very small red mark on the front of her white shirt, it looks like a tiny scratch rather than a painted line. Her face and hair are also very well depicted.  The coloring of her hair is beautiful, fading from blonde to a strawberry color at the tips.  Her red eyes succeed in appearing both bloodthirsty and beautiful.

The base of this statue is good, although not perfect.  She’s attached by one foot and definitely feels a bit unstable and sways when touched or if you bump her display cabinet.  I would have chosen to have her left leg resting on a crystal behind her to give her an extra point of contact with the base, making her more stable.  The crystals on the base look good, they start a vibrant purple at the tip and fade into black as they reach the black circular base.  I appreciated that the black base was spattered with white flecks, giving it the feeling of space or night sky, but a base carved entirely of purple crystals would have looked very nice.

Olivia Statue's shoes and close up of her base.. The shoes are golden heels and the base resembles the night sky with large purple crystals.

Olivia Statue’s shoes and close up of her base.

All in all, the Rage of Bahamut Dark Angel Olivia statue by Kotobukiya is a fantastic addition to any collection.  She’s beautiful enough that I didn’t need any previous knowledge of the subject matter to appreciate her.  And remember…our next blog will cover the differences between this and the knock off version.


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Rage of Bahamut Dark Angel Olivia Statue by Kotobukiya
protective and clearly depicts the statue
Pose & Proportion
beautifully posed and proportioned
Detail & Paint
excellent detailed painting, one minor flaw
Environment & Base
unstable at ankle; could use more detail
Costume & Character
wonderful detail in the clothing and wing design



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Rage of Bahamut Dark Angel Olivia Statue by Kotobukiya
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